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Wikipedia can tell you a lot about Seth Godin.

So can, probably, the 18 books he’s written about marketing and the spread of ideas in the digital age, like the one about how you should be a purple cow in a world of brown cows, and the one about how important it is to pursue what we love. (Affiliate links.)

So can this podcast with Tim Ferriss.

Seth Godin can tell you a lot about yourself, and does, every day in his daily blog posts.

They’re like horoscopes, or fortune cookies, perhaps. You can read into them and apply them to your life in any way you’d like to.

His columns have a way of hitting the edge of your mind and making it stretch a little bit further. Of helping you to see around corners, or at least get a hint as to what may be lying just out of reach.

It’s kind of spooky.

Seth Godin Quotes

Following Seth Godin’s blog means that every day you make yourself available for a short burst of insight. Your mind lights up a little with every new possibility.

Sometimes the insight is bite-sized, a sentence or two to keep you motivated.

Sometimes it’s a heady paragraph.

These big ideas get delivered in small doses and give us time and space to digest them. They add pieces to the puzzle of figuring out where it is you’re going and even more importantly, why.

And it’s reassuring, too, to listen to someone who’s been there. Made his own path. Gone his own way.

Seth Godin Quotes

Seth Godin’s blog is on Typepad, and is refreshingly free of 3rd party advertising. It’s just ideas.

You can follow it on Facebook or subscribe to get it in your inbox.

If you’d like.

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  1. Thanks for your comment – I can absolutely relate! I like to think his blog works at a subconscious or automatic level – and one day it will all click into place 🙂

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