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When musicians sing quietly of their inner thoughts and feels – that’s the time to listen in. When they drop a line like, “I’m obsessing over death again,” that’s the time to listen in. When they stop time for three minutes with an acoustic guitar and a microphone, that’s the time to listen in.

Roger Harvey is an American songwriter and performer who has opened for bands like Balance and Composure and The Menzingers, bands who are shouting, screaming punkers that turn every cell in your body right up to eleven.

His debut album, Twelve Houses, though – that’s music that sits cross legged on your bed across from you, bypassing your eyes to stare directly into your soul. It strips you of everything you’re trying to be and leaves you just as you are, and feeling okay about it.

It’s music you can lean into. An echoey, wistful voice singing earnest lyrics about the transient nature of life. He could be singing to you but really he’s just singing to the tragedy and triumph of adulthood.

The slow build is key. It’s an album as a story, not an album of singles. It’s life presented fully instead of in highlights or excerpts.

Maybe he has me by the heart because every song is in some way about stars, the moon, the setting sun, the dark. Hallmarks of a dreamer.

Or maybe it’s because Lovers Can Be Monsters is the perfect song.
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Check out the full album on bandcamp:

It’s music that ends up redefining your soundtrack and reframing the way you see your life.

Press play to listen to the full album.

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