Listen To A Must-Listen Podcast With VC Winner Mark Donaldson

Do you ever catch the train and while there, also catch someone else’s conversation, and listen in?

Or sit at a cafe and listen while you people watch?

Other people have the most fascinating stories and we’re rarely privy to them. The things that blow our minds about their lives and experiences are just normal for them, especially when they’re humble. We don’t know what we’re missing, and they don’t realise what they’re not sharing.

It takes someone with a natural curiosity, and someone with an open heart, for a good conversation. When it plays out it’s like nothing else.

Australian comedian Nick Cody has a podcast where he talks about contemporary issues like fatherhood and gambling; and interviews interesting people. Called Crushin’ It With Nick Cody, It’s still in its infancy but it launched with a bang when he sat down with Australian Victoria Cross Winner, Mark Donaldson. The Victoria Cross Medal is the highest ranked military award given for acts of bravery in the face of the enemy.

Nick Cody and Mark Donaldson are friends, though, so while it’s super interesting it’s also relaxed, informal. A conversation with its guard down. They speak about surfing vs. boogie boarding; the elite SAS training camp which sounds a little bit like Fear Factor; jumping out of planes; leaving in a hurry for an assignment; and feeling kinda inconsequential when giving pep talks to sporting teams.

It’s a must-listen.

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