Mat Kerekes – Luna & The Wild Blue Everything

Mat Kerekes Luna & The Wild Blue Everything
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So you’re at the end of ‘growing up’, you’re almost confidently an adult. You’ve almost got it sorted. You haven’t really started, though. But you’re nearly ready to: you’re collecting your wins, you’re filing your losses, you’re making connections and finding the meanings. You’re gonna make some steps, soon, some big ones. You’re still all talk. But only for a little while longer.

This is your soundtrack.

Mat Kerekes gives me Jesse Lacey vibes. Heartfelt, soulful, honest, raw. Poetic, melodic, withheld.

Those are a bunch of keywords that might maybe convince you to check out Luna & The Wild Blue Everything, the Citizen singer’s new album. Citizen is a sick band on Run For Cover Records, home of all the sick bands.

The record is a hopeful kind of heartache.

It opens with The Clubs/The People’s Attention which is a brutal drum beat, a driving guitar strum, and lyrics that quietly rage.

It continues with Direction, which features a verse from Anthony Green and the challenge, ‘Spend your week searching for a way out.’

Then, My Lucky #3 tells the story of the nothingness that Kerekes felt during a near death experience. It’s got a callback, ‘Where you are’, that wouldn’t be out of place on The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (the highest compliment a modern music fan can give.)

It’s produced by Will Yip, who’s a modern music god (look him up). This means that the record continues through another seven tracks that, when compounded, define beauty.

Luna & The Wild Blue Everything isn’t a challenge for you to change your life. It’s not angry, it’s not sad. It’s reflective, sure. It’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, keeping your head down and getting there.

You’ll know pretty early on if you dig this record and if you do, that’s you gone, for the rest of spring.

See you in summer.

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