Make Facebook Work For You – Part 2

This is the second part of the Add to Life list of tips and tricks for using Facebook. Choosing one of these, every now and then, might help to change the way you see and use the social network.

6. Be selective with the audience for your posts.


You can share whatever you would like, with whomever you would like, and prevent people from seeing your updates when you don’t want them to. Next to the ‘post’ button there’s a dropdown with options like ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Only Me’. Click ‘More options’ and this is where the magic happens, and you can select specific combinations of people to see or omit from your posts. This can be a great way of sharing different thoughts with your friends versus your family, and keeping your private life separate to your public life.

7. See how your profile appears for other people.


If you’re nervous about what you’ve shared with whom, you can head to your Facebook page, and where there’s an option to ‘View Activity Log’ on the bottom right of your top banner, you’ll see another option with three dots. Click it, and then ‘View as’. A black bar will appear on your page just beneath the top navigation bar and it says ‘This is what your timeline looks to Public. View as specific person.’


Here you can see what a stranger would see if they searched for you on Facebook, and you can type in a specific person’s name, like your boss, or your parents, or your distant family friends. Then it’s easy to make adjustments to your newsfeed if you’re not happy with what you (or they) see.

8. Check out the apps you’ve given permission to, and revoke it if it’s no longer warranted.


This one’s pretty tedious, but it’s worth it just for peace of mind. If you’re a sucker for a shiny new app (hello, friend!), and like the convenience of logging in with Facebook instead of going through a sign up process, you’ll have a lot of apps listed on this page. []
Chances are there’ll be a lot of apps that you have no idea what they are, and revoking their access to your data can only be a good thing.

9. Create specialised feeds.


Click your Interests menu and you’ll be taken to a list of all your interest lists. Here you can create or subscribe to any interest list you would like. I have feeds for different facets of my professional life, like, “SEO” and “Tech News”. I have a Feed called “Personal Finance” and another called “Healthy Inspiration”. I keep each of these feeds populated with pages that deliver good, inspiring content that is relevant to the topic. So in my Healthy Inspiration feed I have pages like Lola Berry and Nourished Kitchen, on hand for a dose of wholesome wellbeing.

10. Save content for later.


This is key for when you’re browsing at work and come across something enticing but aren’t in a position to investigate it fully. Right click the arrow next to the account name that posted it and a dropdown will appear with the option to ‘Save Post’. When you click this, it will be stored in your ‘Saved’ tab under your ‘Favorites’ list and categorised pretty effectively into a personal library of content.

Facebook rolls out new features all the time and utilising even some of them can have an impact on your browsing and therefore, the media you’re consuming.

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