Make Facebook Work For You – Part 1

If you’re on Facebook anywhere near the amount of time that I am, you’ll probably already know some of these tips and tricks. It can be good to remember, once in a while, that you have control over your digital environment and exerting control can be pretty easy and definitely worthwhile.

1. Double check that the pages you like reflect the best version of yourself.

The easiest way to clutter your newsfeed is to like a lot of pages with reckless abandon. Type in your Facebook url (mine is [ and add /likes after it. If there are pages there that don’t interest you anymore, then unlike them. Cut ties. When your feed reflects your current interests it helps you to stay inspired and live in the present.

2. Be selective about who you see updates from.


The best way I’ve found to do this is to group people into different lists. Go to this link: [] and you’ll see all the lists you’ve subscribed to. Some of them Facebook will have created itself.


Click ‘Create List’ and add the people who’s updates you genuinely care about. This list will then appear under your ‘Friends’ menu and when you click it, you see your feed filled with insights from your friends, free from advertising. Another good way to create this list is to start by adding everyone to it and then removing the people who can get painful. If someone loves to share gaming updates or lost dog posts, and they’re just not relevant to you, simply take them off the list. Too easy.

3. Similarly, when someone’s appearing too much in your feed, you have the option to ‘unfollow them’ and they will be none the wiser.


If you click the arrow in the top right of a friend’s post, you have the options to ‘Hide post’ or to ‘Unfollow’. If you select ‘Hide post’ it will then give you the option to see less from that person, but you’ll still see important updates. If you click ‘Unfollow’ you’ll no longer see them in your newsfeed.

4. Follow Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.


It’s very easy to buy into all the hype that says that Facebook is evil, but when you start to notice the good things they’re doing, you realise it’s not black and white at all.

5. Follow some creative, insightful, inspiring pages.


Facebook is increasingly becoming a browser and a place where content is hosted. It’s also where you can give individuals and corporations an equal voice in your life. Some pages I’ve been inspired and uplifted by include Katie Dean – Your Wild Life, Anne Lamott, Barefoot Investor and The Minimalists. The pages you interact with the most will be those served to you the most frequently, so click wisely! (Why not add Add To Life while you’re there?)

Keep clicking for Part Two of this list of ways you can make Facebook work for you.

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