Broods – Conscious

Raw, intense and addictive beats. This album’s been on repeat in our house for weeks and it still holds me captive.

broods conscious

Broods are young Kiwi siblings who recently cracked the lucrative US music scene. They were seen playing the increasingly popular James Cordon’s ‘Late late show’ with their hit single ‘Free!’ The biggest thing to come out of New Zealand since Lorde, Caleb and Georgia quit studying at the University of Auckland to concentrate on music. It’s a decision that has just paid off – big time. Conscious peaked at #52 on the US Top 200 Billboard Chart as well as peaking at #31 in the Australian ARIA Top 50 and #1 in New Zealand.

Georgia’s soft mesmeric voice combined with Caleb’s incredible ear for mixing the right beats hooks you from start to finish. ‘Free,’ the opening track is a powerful message of independence, freedom and sticking it to the haters. I feel swept away with the passion and meaning: “It’s clear, you think that I’m inferior. Whatever lets you sleep at night.” The grungy electronic beat helps to transport me into some apocalyptic save the world type situation, which I love!

If you enjoyed Lorde, then I’m certain you’ll love Broods who coincidentally have both worked with Joel Little, a New Zealand music producer who won a Grammy award in 2014 for working with Lorde on Royals. There truly is almost something for everyone here. The album, lyrics and tunes have been crafted to perfection while still holding some of that raw passion that makes it that little bit more relatable. My personal favourite is “Couldn’t Believe” which I think everyone on Earth could relate to. Wind the windows up in your car, crank the volume and be washed away in a tide of brilliance! Its rave-like feel will set your senses on fire as the chorus kicks in.

You’ll notice a number of teen and post teen themes of love, hate, innocence, having it all, hope and despair. I particularly love how you can just listen to the music for what it is and let yourself float in and out of a summer breeze of good vibes, exactly what I need this winter. Or, you can really feel the lyrics which possess layers upon layers to keep you brooding, no pun intended, for hours. Whichever you choose, I dare you to try and stay still and listen…

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