A Welcome Change

The main thing is you go your own way.
The main thing is you go your own way.

The first fortune teller that I met led me up the stairs to a dusty room: she pressed record on a cassette player and gave me a deck of tarot cards to shuffle. She said that I would fall madly in love with the job I was about to start; and madly in love with a Gemini with whom I would have an on again, off again affair. She got the first of these predictions correct.

The second fortune teller that I met asked me when my baby was due. She said, “We seem to have another presence joining us!” At first I thought she was calling me fat: then I realised she was just terrible at predicting the present and the future.

The third fortune teller that I met told me to stop playing small. She said to ease up on the self criticism, woman up on the self-love, and figure out a way out so that I could start living. Really living.

So I’ve stopped reading horoscopes and seeking out new mystics. Rumi has a quote that says, “I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul.” I have become less interested in following a perceived path and more interested in making my own way: listening to intuition, finding out who I really am, and the implications that has for literally every area of my life.

Another year has come. Another chance to try to conquer a to-do list of goals and dreams that’s purposely bigger than anyone else’s. Or, a chance to live differently, mindfully. Committing my thoughts and experiences to paper in an effort to live my own path is what Add To Life is about. Thoughts and experiences matter. Staying in the moment, taking a breather. Considering where I’m going and if it matches who I am. This is what I’ve learned for myself: it might be different for you. How will you Add To Life? If you want to?


* Featured photograph by Libby Goggin

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