Digitise Your Music Collection

It sure would be pretty silly to purchase the same ten songs by the same artist in three different formats every time you fall in love with an album when all you do in life is fall in love with albums.

Yep. Pretty silly.

I regret nothing.
I regret nothing. I also have the t-shirt.

It starts with an album release – usually hyped up to be released on iTunes or bandcamp at X o’clock on the dot. And I will click purchase. Then I will see the album in real life and decide it’s a must-have for my car – I do a lot of driving, and I do a lot of singing my heart out on the highway, while driving. And so I will again exchange dollars for songs. And then I will see the same album in a record store and, because everything sounds better on vinyl, I’ll add that to my real life bag.

And I will have the same ten songs by the same artist in three different formats. And I will regret nothing.


I also have a lot of cds that aren’t digitised; vinyl-only albums; and mp3 files that don’t play nice with iTunes – especially now the music app feels strange and unfamiliar. My record player is kinda junky and my stereo was definitely purchased from a chainstore for about forty dollars. I do most of my listening to music at work or in the car. And I have a small fortune – both monetarily and spiritually – of music that I’m not making the most of.

Until this morning.

The Next Web has a monthly list of apps that it releases that it calls essential. I’ve spent the last couple of years searching for meaning in the app store and today I finally found it.

They wrote about an app called ‘CD Scanner’ which lets you scan the barcodes of your cds, then locates them in Spotify so you can click ‘save’. Then you can carry your music collection in your Spotify account, assuming they have the albums in their catalogues.

There’s that album again.

It’s not seamless – sometimes it misses albums that are a little too niche, and it seems to not recognise Australian barcodes too readily – and it costs about $3. But that $3 was so worth it to me to spend forty minutes instead of forty hours porting my music into the digital space.

We’re living in the future and my car trips are only going to get more epic. Watch out, kangaroos.

Check out CD Scanner at the App Store: 
Check out The Dangerous Summer on Apple Music: 

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